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As I'm a single and not professionnal developper, I started this project in mind to be the only one to use it. So this software, as of it's initial publication in that site, is more a proof of concept than an end-user product. It is a fully functionnal piece of software, but it is really poor in therm of design and ergonomics. I know coding, but not designing !

This project is made with Visual Studio 2012 (must be compatible with VS 2010 also), and the programming language is Visual Basic.NET (target platform : .NET 4). Sorry no C# I have no skill for it ! I used only .NET native components and assemblies, there are no third party elements.

As its name says, it is a RSS aggregator but not working in standalone mode, it syncs the articles database and their read and save state with a server-side script named Fever. This script can be compared to the upcoming defunct Google Reader service, and it is a smart replacement for it. You have to pay a license to install Fever on your own server, but as it is a self hosted script, once the license paid you are sure that you will have no monthly or annualy fee to use it, and the service won't be stopped until you decide it by yourself. Finally, Fever comes with an API, which is not as complete as Google Reader's one, but enough to make a software relying on it.
That, and some other facts no linked to this project, explains why I chose Fever to replace Google Reader. And why this software use this service.

So this software supports all the Fever's features, you'll find at this page : In particular, I implemented the specifics features Fever includes : sparks elements and a hot list. Sparks elements are feeds you subscribed only to be used by Fever to make a relevant hot list. They are not meant to be viewed anywere. Fever makes the hot list by picking out the most frequently talked about links from a customizable time period.

Also, I initialy made this project only in my native language, in french. But in mind to publish it and open it to the entire world, I made the following changes : in the source code, I translated all the variables, sub/functions names and comment in english, and set the app primary language to english. I also made use of resources provided by Visual Studio to store displayed strings in english, and made a complete translation in french. So the app is fully bilingual, english and french.

Now the bad part : as I said before, the design is really basic, I used only standards windows controls. Altough as I'm not a professionnal developper, the code is certainly not optimized, but it wotks. There might also be some bugs but the software is quite stable.

So why publish a project that you will find (I hope) interesting but not having a professionnal look and feel ? Well, there are 2 possibilities I would like you to consider :
- First, this project is open source, you are free (not to say encouraged) to improve it in therm of design, to optimize the source code, and of course resolve any existing bug you found !
- Second, you are free to use portions of code, or to learn from it (specificly how to use Fever's API), to make your own software with a more professionnal approach than I did. You can also add Fever support to your existing feed reader, to replace Google service.

Until now I made this project only for my personnal use, if you improve it I will be very happy, and if the second point happens, please let me know and I will be glad to have participated to your project in this way !

Happy coding.

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